Offering Hope With The Power Of The Sun

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and its population is the third hungriest in the world. The 8.9 million residents lack adequate food and shelter. Children regularly die from easily preventable and treatable diseases. It is hard to believe such desperation exists just 600 miles south of the United States.

Fond des Blancs, is a rural area of Haiti and is home to 250,000 people. Since there is no public access to electricity, the hospital and a few others make use of gasoline or diesel–powered generators for their primary source of electricity. The increase in fuel prices and lack of fuel availability is limiting. The use of generators in homes is out of the question so they live without electricity. When the sun sets, some use kerosene lamps and candles as their main source of light. The Foundation seeks to improve rural isolated communities by bringing solar power to enhance these desperate areas.

All installations will be overseen by the Foundation in partnership with the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation who will train local residents to support the solar energy systems after installation.

Univers School, Phase II - August 4-August 8, 2018

A delegation of 15 volunteers installed 20 solar panels as Phase II at the Univers School in Ouanaminthe, Haiti

Univers School - Phase II, August 2018